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The Rundown - October 7

RFE/RL In The Media
# "Reuters", "Trust Media", and "RNW" on the conviction of RFE/RL reporter Dovletmurad Yazguliyev

International Press Review

# C.J. Chivers on the pine nut harvest and peace
# Setev LeVine on a failed oil deal for Zalmay Khalilzad
# Afghanistan has a deal with the IMF to continue the flow of aid money

# "Obama Should Test Iran's Offer" - Graham Allison, "The Washington Post"
# "Who Are Iran's Political Prisoners?" - Roxana Saberi, "The Wall Street Journal"
# The former IAEA chief says Iran "tricked" the organization

# The doctor who ran the CIA's fake vaccination program has been accused of treason
# "God's Soldiers" - Praveen Swami, "The Hindu"

# "Leave Nationality Out of the Passport" - Michael Bohm, "Moscow Times"
# "President Putin of Eurasia" - John Besemeres, Lowy Institute
# "Putin's Eurasian Union All About Gas" - Alina Inayeh, "RealClearWorld"
# The U.S. and Russia have launched a new journalist exchange program

Of Interest
# Cuts are looming at the BBC
# Steve Jobs' 1985 interview with "Playboy"
# "Alexander: How Great?" - Mary Beard, "NY Review of Books"
# Will Wilkinson on neuroscience and evil

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
# "The Decline and Fall of America’s Decline and Fall" - Joseph S. Nye
# Simon Johnson and James Kwak on the history of America's debt
# "A panel of senior government officials" can put Americans on a "kill list"
# John Dickerson does not look forward to next year's election