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The Rundown - October 12

# U.S. authorities arrested one Iranian in a plot to kill the Saudi Ambassador to the U.S.
# Iranians are taking their protests to soccer stadiums

# "Reuters" on the failings of Russian soft power
# Alex Goldfarb on the investigation into the Litvinenko killing
# "The New Moscow" - Gary Shteyngart, "Travel & Leisure"
# There will be 200 OSCE election monitors in Russia
# "The Atlantic" reports on Russia's demographic issues

# The UN released its report on torture in Afghan jails
# "The Capture of Mali Khan" - Michael Semple, "Foreign Policy"
# Poppy cultivation is on the rise in Afghanistan
# "The Unraveling of Afghanistan" - Bruce Reidel, "National Interest"

# "A Sentence Against Ukraine" - Alyona Getmanchuk, "International Herald Tribune"
# Luke Harding calls the Tymoshenko verdict an "own goal"
# "Farce Kiev" - Editorial, "The Wall Street Journal"

Of Interest
# Israel has agreed to a prisoner swap in exchange for soldier Gilad Shalit
# "Anwar al-Awlaki: A Dissent" - Gregory Johnson, "Big Think"
# Kyrgyz horsemen allegedly attacked a gold mine

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
# "America's Pacific Century" - Hillary Clinton, "Foreign Policy"
# David Kramer and Robert Kagan urge Michael McFaul's confirmation
# James Traub on the Republican presidential field
# Are voters looking for an isolationist?
# Al Kamen's "In The Loop"