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The Rundown - October 26

RFE/RL In The Media
# "The Moscow Times" quotes RFE/RL reporting on a road planned to go to "Vladimir Putin's ski resort"

International Press Review

# "Alexei Navalny vs. Vladlen Stepanov" - Yulia Latynina, "Moscow Times"
# Germany arrested two suspected Russian agents
# Robert Rabil on Russia's policy towards Syria
# The EU is pushing Georgia to support Russia's WTO bid

# "Newsweek" reports on the CIA in Iraq
# New documents shed light on Saddam Hussein's time as leader of Iraq

# There is a "framework" for negotiating with the Taliban
# McClatchy reports on the U.S. offensive in eastern Afghanistan

Of Interest
# W. Jonathan Rue on Iran's Navy
# Michael Dobbs is blogging the Mladic trial
# Muammar Gadhafi was buried in a secret desert grave
# How secure is HTTPS?
# What happens when the rock n roll types have families

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
# Barack Obama was a guest on "The Tonight Show"
# A new poll shows Americans have a "deep distrust" of government