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The Rundown - November 29

# The NATO raid may have been a case of mistaken identity
# "The Generals Have No Clothes" - Kapil Komireddi, "Foreign Policy"
# The "Christian Science Monitor" reports from Pakistan-controlled Kashmir

# Militants are using "death squads" in the Afghanistan-Pakistan border area
# "The Wall St. Journal" reports on Afghanistan's desire for lasting aid

# A former Ria Novosti employee says the Kremlin is trying to block access to Western news
# Opposition campaign ads have been banned by Russian authorities
# Russia says it may block NATO supply lines
# "Medvedev Mollifies the West" - Alexander Golts, "Moscow Times"

Of Interest
# "The Real Lesson of Iraq" - Malfrid Braut-Hegghammer, "International Herald Tribune"
# "The Long Shadow of the 1930s" - Gideon Rachman, "Financial Times"
# Facebook is targetting early 2012 for its IPO

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
# "The Washington Post" on the fallout of the NATO raid in Pakistan
# "2012=1968?" - Jacob Heilemann, "New York"