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The Rundown - January 24

# "Why Putin Is Mad at Me" - Alexander Golts, "Moscow Times"
# Brian Whitmore on Vladimir Putin as the ultimate "inside man"

# "Reuters" on how Pakistanis give info to the U.S. for its drone campaign
# Pakistan has officially rejected U.S. accounts of a fire fight near the Afghan border
# George Fulton on why there won't be a coup in Pakistan
# "USA Today" reports on discord among Taliban leadership in Afghanistan

# "All Silk Roads Lead to Tehran" - Neil Padukone, "Foreign Policy"
# The EU has agreed to an embargo against Iranian oil

Of Interest
# "The Platform" on bride kidnapping in Kyrgyzstan (what's being done about it)
# Facebook has registered domain names for a news site
# The next target for hackers: video conference rooms

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
# The U.S. will release some info on the drone strike that killed Anwar Al Awlaki
# "The Real Debate That America Needs" - Gideon Rachman, "Financial Times"
# An ex-CIA aganet has been arrested for leaking information to journalists
# Mitt Romney released his tax returns