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The Rundown - February 23

RFE/RL In The Media
# The "Financial Times" quotes RFE/RL reporting on the health of Yulia Tymoshenko
# "The Asia Times" quotes RFE/RL reporting on bombings in Georgia

International Press Review

# "An Inside Look at Views of the West" - Hasnain Kazim, "Spiegel"
# "Asking the Right Question" - Scott Clement, "Foreign Policy"
# Daniel Byman on Iran's ties to al Qaeda

# Ed Lucas on another Putin Administration
# "Why Some Bankers Get Special Treatment" - Yulia Latynina, "Moscow Times"
# Russia awarded a Pushkin Prize to Syrian writer Ali Ukla Ursan

# Mansoor Ijaz testified in the "memogate" trial

Of Interest
# "Where Harsh Realities Meet" - Peel & Khalaf, "Financial Times"
# Dayo Olopade on anti-gay laws in Uganda
# All those CCTV cameras don't make London any safer, according to a new report

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
# The role of the super donor in the presidential race
# "NPR" on new media and diplomacy