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The Rundown - March 5

RFE/RL In The Media
# "The Atlantic" links to RFE/RL coverage of protests in Afghanistan
# Hungary's ambassador to the U.S. responds to calls for RFE to return to Hungary

International Press Review

# Brian Whitmore on what's next for Vladimir Putin (cue "Putin '18" talk)
# "Cleaning Up in Moscow" - Julia Ioffe, "Foreign Policy"
# "Putinism and the Russian Economy" - Justin Burke, "Eurasianet"
# A soldier remembers his time serving in Chechnya
# "The Wall St. Journal" interviews Alexei Navalny

# The Supreme Leader's allies did well in last week's elections
# Colin Kahl on Israel's 1981 strike on an Iraqi nuclear reactor
# "Netanyahu Won't Attack Iran" - Daniel Levy, "Foreign Policy"
# Pro & con: sanctions on Iran will work, or won't

Of Interest
# "Why Has the Internet Changed so Little?" - James Curran, "Open Democracy"
# "The Art of Sham Elections" - Mark Cheney, "Big Think"
# "Ukraine's Slide" - Hague, Bildt, et al, "International Herald Tribune"
# The end of the universe is coming. Are you prepared?

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
# Kim Andrew Elliot on international broadcasting in Russia
# Barak Obama's full speech to AIPAC
# "Life of the Party" - Ryan Lizza, "The New Yorker"