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The Rundown - March 22

RFE/RL In The Media
# "Business Insider" cites RFE/RL reporting on a Scientology ban in Russia
# "The Atlantic" cites RFE/RL reporting on cameras in Uzbek mosques

International Press Review

# "The Season of the Rent-a-Rally" - Simon Shuster, "Time"
# "Russia’s Economy: Unsustainable Support" - Charles Clover, "Financial Times"
# William Browder's congressional testimony
# Greece may become Russia's new Mediterranean friend

# "Sustaining Success in Afghanistan" - Senators McCain, Lieberman, & Graham
# The Pakistani media receives praise for highlighting women's issues
# "Hearts and Minds" - Scotte Clement, "Foreign Policy"
# ISW releases a new report on The Haqqani Network

# Irony alert: Iranian state media cites a Human Rights Watch report on the Syrian opposition
# Several countries may be sanctioned by the U.S. for buying Iranian oil

Broadcast Region
# "Azerbaijan: Between Iran and a Hard Place" - Ariel Cohen, "National Interest"
# "Revolutionary Winds Blowing Across Moldova" - Boris Kagarlitsky, "Moscow Times"
# "The New York Times" on the story of Rand Hultz

Of Interest
# "Who Wants to Run the World" - Megan Erickson, "Big Think"
# "Nearing the End of Tyranny?" - Hugh Cortazzi, "The Japan Times"
# "A Robot Stole My Pulitzer!" - Evgeny Morozov, "Slate"