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The Rundown - April 5

RFE/RL In The Media
# "Eurasianet" reports on the Khadija Ismailova case

International Press Review

# U.S. companies may not be able to benefit from Russia's joining the WTO
# "Mirage of Putin Protests" - Anatol Lieven, "National Interest"
# "Will Putin Delete the Reset?" - Charles Grant, "International Herald Tribune"
# "The Christian Science Monitor" on Michael McFaul's tenure thus far

# Iran proposed Iraq or China as venues for nuclear talks
# Iran arrested 13 pirates after two days of fighting at sea

# U.S. officials claim Iran stoked anti-Koran burning protests in Afghanistan
# "Talks With the Taliban: There is no Other Way" - Syed Moazzam Hashmi, "Foreign Policy"
# Pakistan is resisting a new deal on NATO supply lines into Afghanistan

# "The Bosnian War 20 Years On" - Julian Borger, "The Guardian"
# "How I Failed to Stop the War in Bosnia" - Nenad Pejic, RFE/RL

Of Interest
# "Taking on Saakashvili" - Haley Sweetland Edwards, "The New York Times"
# Greece and Macedonia's spat over the latter's name may complicate things at NATO
# How the AP is using Bambuser for citizen journalism projects

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
# 9/11 plotters will be put on trial at Guantanamo Bay
# The U.S. is moving towards normalizing relations with Myanmar