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The Rundown - April 10

RFE/RL In The Media
# Kyrgyzstan has re-opened the investigation into the death of Alisher Saipov
# Khadija Ismailova discussed Azerbaijan at London's Frontline Club
# Abubakar Siddique discussed Afghanistan on C-SPAN
# "Foreign Policy" links to Nenad Pejic's piece on the start of the Balkan War
# The "LA Times" cites RFE/RL reporting on Turkmenistan

International Press Review

# "On Iran, Reality Bites" - John Vincour, "International Herald Tribune"
# "The Wall St. Journal" profiles Major-General Qasem Soleimani
# "Iran's Limited Escape Options" - Karim Sadjadpour, "The Washington Post"

# Charges have been dropped against of of two defendents in the Magnitsky case
# "A Protest Movement’s Second Wind?" - Masha Gessen

# Abdul Salam Zaeef has fled to the UAE
# "India and Pakistan Should Favor Cash Over Kashmir" - Pankaj Mishra, "Bloomberg"
# "Why I Support Baluchistan" - Dana Rohrabacher, "The Washington Post"
# "5 Steps to Better Politics in Afghanistan" - Dr. Paul D. Miller, "Foreign Policy"
# "To Be a Woman in Pakistan" - Zara Jamal, "The Atlantic"

Of Interest
# "Spiegel" reports on Germany's stance on the Tymoshenko trial in Ukraine
# Chechnya invited Azerbaijan's state oil firm to explore potential oil fields
# Tim Judah on Bosnia's post-war progress
# Robert Mugabe is reportedly fighting for his life in a Singapore hospital
# CHechnya's first lady has launched an Islamic fashion line