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The Rundown - April 24

RFE/RL In The Media
# "Mangal Bagh and LI Marginalized in Khyber Agency" - Daud Khattak, "CTC Sentinel"
# Helle Dale on anti-U.S. sentiment from the Kremlin
# "Radio World" on shortwave DXers

International Press Review

# "Reuters" reports that half of Iran's super tankers are storing oil at sea
# Iran has disconnected several oil terminals from the Internet

# "The Putin Generation" - Paul Starobin, "The New Republic"
# "The Miracle-Industrial Complex" - Alexander Golts, "Moscow Times"
# Oleg Shein will end his hunger strike today

# NATO commanders say Afghan security services did a decent job during last week's Kabul attack
# "Block and Ban: Internet Censorship in Pakistan" - Ismail Khan, "Newsline"
# "Pakistan's New Player" - Teresita & Howard B. Schaffer, "Foreign Policy"
# A new bribe reporting site in Pakistan

# Facebook's earnings and revenues were down in the first quarter
# Google spent a record amount on lobbying

Of Interest
# "Spiegel" on Ukrainian students being forced from their dorms ahead of Euro 2012
# Israel says it has not been granted access to Azeri military bases
# There has always been too much information
# Borat actually may have made benefit for glorious nation of Kazakhstan

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
# "Why Hillary Clinton Should Join Anonymous" - Evgeny Morozov, "Slate"
# James Holmes on the U.S.-China military relationship