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The Rundown - May 29

# Hopes are dimming for a nuclear compromise with Iran
# "Why Talks with Iran Haven’t Worked" - Jamsheed Choksy, "The Diplomat"
# "Spiegel" interviews Iranian rapper Shahin Najafi
# The new Flame virus is more powerful than Stuxnet

# TNK-BP chief executive Mikhail Fridman has quit
# The new head of state cinematography is raising some eyebrows
# "Kennan's Insight Into the Russian Soul" - Gilbert Doctorow, "Moscow Times"
# Brian Whitmore: "Putin's Icarus Moment"
# An Ekho Moskovy journalist was stabbed

# Pakistan’s new intelligence chief postponed his first visit to Washington
# The Pakistani Army attacked suspected militants in Orakzai
# "The Wall St. Journal" reports on the Kajaki Dam project
# Pakistan may seek more assistance from the IMF this year

RFE/RL Broadcast Region
# Boris Tadic may become Prime Minister of Serbia
# There are fears of racism at the Euro 2012 championships
# Chris Miller on being an "improper" journalist in Ukraine

Of Interest
# Kofi Annan is traveling back to Syria
# "The End of the Euro: A Survivor's Guide" - Johnson & Boone, "Huffington Post"
# China's largest social media site has a point system for offensive statement
# Is social media just a fad?

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
# A China-made chip used by the U.S. military has a "back door"
# The U.S. will arm Italy's Reaper drone fleet