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The Rundown - July 16

RFE/RL In The Media
# The "LA Times" cites RFE/RL reporting on Uzbekistan's newest social netowrk YouFace
# Tanya Lokshina remembers Natalia Estemirova
# Eurasianet reprints a silly dictator story on Uzbekistan

International Press Review

# Michael Ignatieff on how democracies deal with China and Russia
# Human Rights Watch calls for justice for Natalia Estemirova's killer(s)
# Lilia Shevtsova on Putin's Russia for The Journal of Democracy

# IISS on sanctions and Iran's long-range missile program
# Iranian airlines are also feeling the pinch
# The Design Observer Group on satellite dishes and outside culture in Iran
# Surveilling the Ayatollah

# Afghanistan's education minister escaped a bomb attack ((lawmaker Ahmad Khan Samangani was not so fortunate)
# Perhaps the Taliban doesn't commit every bad act in Afghanistan
# "Is Afghanistan Really a Major U.S. Ally?" - Nikolas Gvosdev, "World Politics Review"
# "Don't Forget Pakistn's Liberals" - Sadanand Dhume, "The Wall St. Journal"

Of Interest
# Tajikistan is taking action against Internet-based criticism
# "Wrong Way Down the Danube" - James Kirchick, "Foreign Affairs"
# Three Ossetians document their trip to Georgia
# What do Arab publics think of their new democracies?

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
# "Our High Maintenance Relationship with Pakistan" - David Ignatius, "The Washington Post"
# "The Moral Case for Drones" - Scott Shane, "The New York Times"