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The Rundown - July 25

RFE/RL In The Media
# "The Wall St. Journal" cites RFE/RL Tajik Service reporting on the military operation in Khorugh
# CPJ cites RFE/RL reporting on a news site being blocked in Tajikistan
# Amnesty demands Belarus release a photographer held in the teddy bear drop case
# "Business Insider" cites FE/RL reporting on the health effects of eating McDonald's in Russia

International Press Review

# Julia Ioffe on Russians' views toward Syria
# "Wired" profiles Eugene Kaspersky
# Putin's return to the presidency is affecting prime time TV
# A Russian space ship failed to dock with the International Space Station

# "My life got better when I joined the Taliban"
# Information on the squalor at Dawood Hospital could have gotten out sooner
# "Police and Counterterrorism in Pakistan" - Hassan Abbas, "Foreign Policy"
# "The Daily Beast" on the increase in attacks on NATO troops by Afghan troops
# Some in Pakistan want the Kalash Valleys to be named UNESCO sites

# "Iran’s Strategy in the Strait of Hormuz" - Kayhan Barzegar, "The Diplomat"
# An IRGC general warned against toppling Bashar al Assad

Of Interest
# The AP has updated its social media guidelines
# "Deterrence Lessons From Iraq" - Amatzia Baram, "Foreign Affairs"
# Chefs from the world's presidential palaces got together to talk shop

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
# Mark Leonard on U.S. President Barack Obama's relationship with Europe
# Full text of Mitt Romeny's VFW speech