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The Rundown - August 13

RFE/RL In The Media
# TOL cites RFE/RL reporting on media in Kazakhstan
# "Business Insider" cites Golnaz Esfandiari's reporting on graffti in Iran

International Press Review

# The death toll from the Iranian earthquake has gone over 300
# Standard Chartered is trying to negotiate a settlement
# Jeffrey Goldberg: 7 reasons why Israel should not attack Iran
# "Iran - Syria's Ally to the Bitter End" - Shahram Azkarzadeh, "Real Clear World"

# The Kremlin may crack down on officials' holdings abroad
# "Spiegel" on Internet freedom in Russia
# Leon Aron on Russia's protest movement
# "Take That, Mr. Tandem" - Editorial, "The Washington Post"
# "The Wall St. Journal" on preparations for the 2014 Sochi Olympics

# Pakistan has allowed Afghanistan access to Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar
# The BBC reports on the Taliban's stronghold in the Ghorband Valley
# According to Stratfor (grain of salt), Osama bin Laden was "in routine contact" with Pakistani spy officials
# "India and Pakistan Eye Rapprochement" - Arif Rafiq, "National Interest"

Of Interest
# "The New Olympic Arms Race" - Ian Johnson, "NY Review of Books"
# Fareed Zakaria has been suspended from "CNN" and "Time" for plagiarism
# It's not ALL bad news from Belarus

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
# Mitt Romney picked Paul Ryan as his running mate ("The New Yorker" profile of Ryan)
# Alan Greenspan on his legacy as Fed Chairman