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The Rundown - September 7

# "Inside Chechnya: Putin's Reign of Terror" - Oliver Bullough, "New Statesman"
# The BBC reports on Russia's far right
# Vladimir Putin will travel to Tajikistan next month
# The fine print of the new U.S.-Russia Visa regime
# "Learning to Talk Like Putin" - Lena Smirnova, "Moscow Times"

# Save the Children may or may not be expelled from Pakistan
# Simon Henderson on AQ Khan's new political quest
# "The Haqqani Network Should be Labeled as Terrorists" - Gretchen Peters, "The Washington Post"
# An intelligence report says the TTP has rehearsed attacks on a nuclear site
# "Intelligent Redesign" - Waliullah Rahmani , "Foreign Policy"

# "What We Know About Iran's Nukes" - Heinonen & Henderson, "The Wall St. Journal"
# "Bombing Iran is the Way to Make Sure it Gets the Bomb" - Philip Stephens, "Financial Times"
# "Golshifteh Farahani: 'Exile From Iran is Like Death'" - Fiachra Gibbons, "The Guardian"

Of Interest
# Switzerland has opened a money laundering investigation against two Uzbeks
# How to clear your phone of all personal material

In House (follow @RFERL)
# "Sanity Speaks in Pakistan, Eventually" - Daud Khattak
# "Who Is Cutting Down Russia's Crosses?" - Claire Bigg

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
# Noah Shachtman on the U.S. drone war
# "The Daily Beast" interviews Ambassador Ryan Crocker
# "Why Drone Strikes Cede ‘Hearts and Minds’ to Taliban" - Robert Dreyfuss, "The Diplomat"