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The Rundown - September 26

RFE/RL In The Media
# Read RFE/RL in "The Atlantic" -- on Russia, the new Freedom House report, and Iran

International Press Review

# Iran test-fired new anti-ship missiles
# Iran releases more info on what it says is foreign sabotage
# "Foreign Policy" interviews Shirin Ebadi
# On Iranian art

# "GQ" interviews Pussy Riot
# "Russia's Civil Society Crackdown Continues" - Tanya Lokshina, "CNN"

# U.S. military trainers are more vigilant in Afghanistan
# The surge is over. Did it work?

Of Interest
# Azerbaijan wants to investigate "The New York Times" for this piece
# Watch the world's computers attack each other
# Google opens its new Berlin office

# Room for Debate: "Do Drone Attacks Do More Harm Than Good?"
# How the list is made
# Full report (pdf): "Living Under Drones"

U.S. Politics/Foreign Police
# Joshua Kucera on U.S. military aid to Central Asia
# An interview with U.S. Ambassador to Uzbekistan George Krol
# The top U.S. official on Syria is leaving the State Department
# What do Americans think of foreign affairs?