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The Rundown - March 30

RFE In The Media
# Golnaz Esfandiari is part of the new "Iran Strategy Task Force"
# A ''EurasiaNet" op-ed on Tajikistan cites RFE reporting
# A "CNN" iReporter translated a Radio Farda report on Iran's Revolutionary Guards

International Press Review

Middle East
# "NBC" interviews Barack Obama
# The are reports of some al Qaeda members among the Libyan rebels
# "Inside A Gadhafi Prison" - Ghaith Abdul-Ahad, "The Guardian"
# Pro-Assad rallies were held in Syria
# "The Syrian President I Know" - David Lesch, "The New York Times"
# "Surgical Financial Strikes Can Oust Gaddafi" - Patrick Cronin, "Financial Times"

# George Fulton on today's cricket match in India
# "Finding Common Ground" - Aakanksha Pande, "The New York Times"
# Pakistan and India will share real-time intelligence
# "Baluchistan: Pakistan's Other War" - Madiha Sattar, "Foreign Policy"

# "The Washington Post" on U.S. communications in Afghanistan
# The Taliban seized territory near the Pech Valley

# "Kosovo's Mafia" - Matt MacAllester, "Global Post"
# The singer Ceca has been charged with embezzlement
# "Ukraine's Orange Blues" - Alexander J. Motyl, "World Affairs Journal"

# Doku Umarov was officialy charged with carrying out the Moscow airport bombing
# "A Mideast Model in Russia's Cards?" - Editorial, "Moscow Times"

Of Interest
# "Kazakhstan Now A Beacon Of Democracy" - Erlan Idrissov, "Real Clear World"
# "The Wobbly Democracy of Kyrgyzstan" - Max Boot, "Commentary"
# Two journalists were killed in an attack in Iraq
# Abbas Milani thinks there should be outrage over what's happening in Iran

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
# "The Birth of an Obama Doctrine" - Lexington, "The Economist"
# "The Washington Post" reports on U.S. budget deliberations