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The Rundown - April 7

RFE In The Media
# James Kirchick on Terry Jones and violent protests in Afghanistan
# "The Radical Mr. Rosen" - James Kirchick, "World Affairs Journal"

International Press Review

# A suicide bomber attacked a police compound in Quetta
# "A Hard Country" - Anatol Lieven, "National Interest"
# The Malam Jabba ski resort is open for business

# "The Guardian" on raids against ex-Taliban members
# "The Anti-Taliban Constituency" - Amrullah Saleh, "NRO"
# The U.S. pledged $50 million for a Taliban reconciliation program

# "Iran Rewrites Its Own History" - Afshin Molavi, "The National"
# "Iran's Blue-Collar Revolution" - Zahedi & Aleaziz, "Foreign Policy"
# Robert Gates says Iran is ''meddling'' in Bahrain

# "Medvedev's Magnitogorsk Manifesto" - Konstantin Sonin, "Moscow Times"
# The Russian interior minister says police reforms are working

Middle East
# Col. Gadhafi sent a letter to Barack Obama
# The Syrian government will close a casino and lift a niqab ban on teaches
# "The Arab Spring And U.S. Bases" - Cooley & Nexon, "Foreign Affairs"
# U.S. democracy promotion money for Tunisia is being held by Senator Richard Lugar

Of Interest
# How a Georgian woman cut off Armenia's internet connection
# "Leninism In The Balkans" - Gordon Bardos, "National Interest"
# Martin Rees has won a Templeton Prize for his work on science and faith

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
# "Politico" reports on budget negotiations
# The foreign affairs budget under Rep. Paul Ryan's plan
# "Obama's Shutdown Gambit" - Karl Rove, "The Wall Street Journal"
# The House held a hearing on international broadcasting