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The Rundown - April 12

RFE In The Media
# "State Finds A New Way To Jam" - Victor Davidoff, "Moscow Times"
# Joe Hammond on how to win an election in Kazakhstan for the Atlantic Council

International Press Review

# 12 are now confirmed dead in the Minsk Metro blast

# Pakistan has asked the U.S. to curtail CIA activities there
# A new Pakistan-Iran pipeline will be online by 2015
# India and Pakistan are conducting prisoner exchanges
# "America, Pakistan And The Taliban" - Zafar Hilaly, "Express Tribune"

# "Reuters" on anti-Western messages in Afghanistan's mosques
# Hamid Karzai blames Western companies for the demise of Kabul Bank
# A list of most-wanted insurgent commanders

# "Medvedev Up, Putin Down" - Nikolai Petrov, "Moscow Times"
# The "Moscow Times" editorializes on a proposed Skype ban in Russia

Middle East
# "Prisoner Of Damascus" - Yassin Al-Haj Saleh, "The New York Times"
# "If Assad Falls, Regional Alliances Will Crumble" - Patrick Seale, "The Guardian"
# "In Egypt, Is It the Army Vs. The Revolution?" - Abigail Hauslohner, "Time"
# "Nuclear Weapons And The Libyan Intervention" - Selig S. Harrison, "National Interest"
# "America's Islamist Allies In Libya" - Babak Dehghanpisheh, "The Daily Beast"

Of Interest
# "Will The Libyan Intervention Bring The End Of NATO?" - Anne Applebaum
# "The Mash Of Civilizations" - Niall Ferguson, "Newsweek"
# "How (Not) To Promote Autocracy In Central Asia" - Cornelius Graubner, Open Society Institute

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
# Helle Dale on the fight over Internet freedom funding in the U.S. government
# Mitt Romney is running for president