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The Rundown - April 18

RFE In The Media
# "Foreign Policy" quotes a blog post on Iran's Supreme Leader by Golnaz Esfandiari
# Alan Heil wonders if we are seeing a "struggle for the soul of U.S. international broadcasting"

International Press Review

Sunday Talk Shows
# The "PBS Newshour" analysis of Shields and Brooks
# "This Week" interviews Timothy Geithner
# "Face The Nation" has Rep. Paul Ryan

# "Khyber Impasse" - James Traub, "Foreign Policy"
# Parts of "3 Cups Of Tea" may have been fabricated

# "Afghanistan Must Shed The Myth Of Independence" - Nushin Arbabzadah, "The Guardian"
# "The Washington Post" reports on progress in the south

# Further developments in the Sergei Magnitsly/Hermitage Capital case
# "BP: An Arctic Gamble" - Pfeifer & Belton, "Financial Times"
# "Moscow's Drinking Problem" - Mark Lawrence Schrad, "The New York Times"

# Iran's top spy tried to resign, but the Supreme Leader wouldn't accept it
# Iran accuses Siemens of helping to launch the Stuxnet virus
# "Iran Will Not Hinder Plans For A Nuclear-free World" - Tom Donilon, "Financial Times"
# A cleric used an erotic poem to warn of the perils of supporting the opposition

# Did the surge in Iraq actually work?
# "It's In America's Interest To Stay In Iraq" - Max Boot, "The Wall Street Journal"
# "Bottoms Up For Democracy" - Tim Arango, "The New York Times"

International Broadcasting
# "Save VOA Broadcasting To China" - Helle Dale, Heritage Foundation
# "How To Save The BBC World Service" - Peter Preston, "The Guardian"

Of Interest
# "Belarus: Where Bad News Gets Worse" - Jean MacKenzie, "Global Post"
# John Hughes on the future of news
# The UAE puts some restrictions on BlackBerry usage
# Hunagrian children may soon be able to vote

Middle East
# Civilian casualties are mounting in the Libyan city of Misurata
# James Joyner on how the Libya intervention saved NATO

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
# "The New York Times" reports on the politics of drone strikes in Pakistan
# A look at the digital campaign set for the 2012 elections