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The Rundown - April 19

RFE In The Media
# "Drone Strikes Aren't The Real Issue" - Daud Khattak, "Foreign Policy"
# "UPI" cites RFE reporting on the crackdown on the opposition in Azerbaijan
# "The Wall Street Journal" links to an RFE story on EU sanctions against Iran

International Press Review

First Read
# "How The U.S. Intends To End War With Taliban" - Ahmed Rashid, "Financial Times"

# "Can Nonviolence Work In Iran?" - Karim Sadjadpour, "Foreign Policy"
# Iranian Sunnis have been killed in clashes in the country's south

# "Saving Russia With A Great Flood" - Alexei Pankin, "Moscow Times"
# "The Guardian" profiles novelist Lyudmila Ulitskaya

# "Hi-Tech And High Risk" - Rahimullah Yusufzai, "Newsline"

# Poppy production is climbing in some areas of Afghanistan
# The U.S. has changed the way it advises its counterparts in Afghanistan

# "Spiegel" reports on the crackdown in Belarus
# The "Christian Science Monitor" reports on the economic crisis in Belarus

International Broadcasting
# "VOA Is Losing Its Voice" - Gordon Crovitz, "The Wall Street Journal"
# The White House watches "Al-Jazeera"
# "Russia Today" reports on U.S. international broadcasting

Of Interest
# The "Financial Times" files two reports from Baku on Azerbaijan's energy sector
# A high-level summit will try to raise $1 billion for repairs to the Chernobyl reactor
# Jonathan Stern on the lobbyists of dictators

Middle East
# Egypt is seeking to repair ties with Iran
# "A Mixed Blessing For Iran And Turkey" - Ă–mer Taspinar, "Zaman"
# "Damascus Needs Regime Change" - Bret Stephens, "The Wall Street Journal"

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
"Not-So-Smart Power" - Ken Adelman, "Foreign Policy"
# A Pentagon inquiry has cleared Gen Stanley McChrystal (ret.) of any wrong-doing
# "Why P.J. Crowley Went Rogue" - Ben Smith, "Politico"