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The Rundown - April 21

RFE In The Media
# "Did Donald Rumsfeld Whitewash Massacre In Uzbekistan?" - James Kirchick, "Atlantic"
# "Is Journalism In Russia Worth Dying For?" - Seth Mandel, "The Weekly Standard"

International Press Review

First Reads
# "Remembering Tim Hetherington" - Peter Bergen, "Foreign Policy"
# "In Memoriam, Chris Hondros" - Christina Larson, "Foreign Policy"

# Pakistani officials bristled at Admiral Mike Mullen's statements on the ISI-Taliban relationship
# Ahmed rashid on negotiating with the Taliban
# Greg Mortenson will be sued by Pakistani tribesman he said kidnapped him

# "The Wall Street Journal" reports on "ethnic" militias in Northern Afghanistan
# "The New York Times" reports on Taliban infiltration into the Afghan security forces

# "The Arctic Sea -- A New Wild West?" - James Holmes, "The Diplomat"
# The U.S. envoy in Russia has quashed the idea of visa-free travel
# "Russia: Worrying About The Birth Rate" - Stefan Wagstyl, "Financial Times"

# Jafar Panahi has won the Carrosse d'Or at Cannes
# "Mashaiee's Political Future Now In Doubt" - Kaveh Ghoreishi, InsideIRAN"

Middle East
# The Arab League has again postponed its summit in Iraq

Of Interest
# Andy Yee on China's global media push
# Tajikistan's president dismissed the idea of Arab-style uprisings in his country
# A new OECD study shows a reluctance to crack down on bribe-paying
# BP has sued TransOcean over last year's Gulf oil spill

# "Facebook's 'Too Much, Maybe, Free Speech' Problem" - Alexandra Petri, "The Washington Post"
# The iPhone keeps a record of everywhere you go

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
"Bloomberg" on U.S. Internet freedom funds
Tim Rutten bemoans "Obama's lack of moral clarity" on the Armenian genocide
# "Lessons From Nuremburg" - William Shawcross, "The New York Times"
# "The American World Turned Upside Down" - Dominique Moisi, "Project Syndicate"
# Jacob Heilbrunn on Samantha Powers' foreign policy views