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RFE's December Story Of The Month Winners

Belarus -- policeman Aliaxandar Klaskouski

RFE's December 2010's Story of the Month winners were announced on January 26th. These awards are internal, and are intended to recongize the very best reporting from each month.

News Story of the Month

December’s Story of the Month Award went to the Belarus Service for "The Square 2010," an algamated blow-by blow of Radio Svoboda's coverage of that month’s disputed election and its tumultuous aftermath. Coverage began the morning of December 19, and was repeatedly updated with hundreds of bulletins detailing developing stories, as opposition groups took to the streets and government forces clashed with protestors and journalists.

Feature of the Month

Janyl Jusupjan of RFE’s Kyrgyz Service compiled “Invisible Woman of Osh,” an in-depth report focusing on the many victims of gang rape during the violent Kyrgyz-Uzbek riots in June 2010. For the most part the Kyrgyz state has ignored this horrible crime. In her presentation Jusupjan noted, “The vast majority of perpetrators of these vicious crimes are freely living among us. Even though the fighting has stopped, the fact that the number of [abused] women is growing is not surprising.”

Innovation of the Month

A spontaneous category dubbed ‘Innovation of the Month’ was announced to honor “Child Labor in Afghanistan” – a video/story composite, which was the result of suggestions by listeners of Radio Azadi’s “Liberty and Listeners” talk show. Host Zarif Nazar and Senior Correspondent Charles Recknagel collaborated on the project.

Commentary of the Month

Gordana Knezevic, Director of the Balkan Service, personally penned “Thaci Allegations Don’t Change the Broader Perspective on Kosovo” a lengthy commentary piece on how recent organ-trafficking allegations in Kosovo should not distract us from the broader question of Kosovo’s internal strife.

Video of the Month

Rounding out the awards, James Kirchick received the honor for his wide-ranging video interview with author and journalist Christopher Hitchens, who is struggling with cancer.

Congratulations to all the winners!