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Film Festival Explores The Meaning Of ‘Home’

Still from the film A Syrian Love Story, which will screen at the 2016 One World International Human Rights film festival in Prague, Czech Republic.

The One World international film festival will focus on Europe’s refugee and migration crisis and other human rights issues.

The 18th annual One World international human rights documentary film festival is gearing up in Prague, where dozens of films from around the globe will be screened in cinemas throughout the city March 7-16.

Hosted by the Czech human rights NGO People in Need, the festival will present films addressing some of the world’s most critical human rights issues, including refugees and the migration crisis, minority rights, environmental protection, and media freedom.

As always, the entries are divided into thematic categories. One of the central themes this year is “Looking for Home,” which will feature the stories of people on the run from war and looking for meaning and a future in a new environment. Films in the “Restless Ukraine” category will use different approaches to document tensions generated by Russia’s aggression in Ukraine. Under the category “The Power of the Media,” films will examine the influence of social media and video games on society, as well as the power of traditional media.

Organizers say this year they “found inspiration in the public debate about refugees,” and would like to focus audience attention “not only on the people who are coming to Europe, but mainly on ourselves--those of us who already have a home and a sense of security.”

In addition to Prague, the festival will also show in Brussels and 32 other cities and towns in the Czech Republic.