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Poetry from Paktia to Prague

This letter sent in by an Afghan listener of Radio Azadi included lines of original Afghan folk poetry.
RFE/RL's Afghan service, Radio Azadi, is the most popular radio station in Afghanistan. They receive hundreds of letters each month from Afghan listeners who provide feedback on their programs, request songs, and thank them for their broadcasts. Some of the letters, however, contain a little something extra.

For example, a recent letter sent in by a listener from Paktia province contained greetings, a song request...and lines of original Afghan folk poetry:

"We all extend our best greetings to you from the bottom of our hearts. We hope Azadi Radio will accept our greetings. We have sent you some Lanadis [a folk form of Afghan poetry] and we hope you will air it:

You are smiling to someone else, in front of me
Oh my ruthless love, you set me ablaze

I will never mention your name again
You cheated me a lot by your cheap love

I regret your love,
My naive love, I did not know anything about you

Finally we also request a song by Master Ali Haidar, about Spinghar (The White Mount)."

--Alex Mayer