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The Rundown - July 1

RFE/RL in the Media
# "The Washington Post" reports that nominees for the Broadcasting Board of Governors were confirmed late Wednesday night, "ending one of the longest standoffs in recent nomination history"
# "Foreign Policy" reports on an end to the BBG nomination gridlock
# "UPI" circulates RFE/RL reporting on the Kazakh reaction to turbulence in Kyrgyzstan
# "The Jerusalem Post" mentions Radio Farda in an article on an Iranian woman's death sentence by stoning
# "The Daily Telegraph" reprints a "Rossisykaya Gazeta" article on Russian coal miners using RFE/RL attributions
# "The Calgary Herald" interviews RFE/RL Chechen broadcaster Fatima Saidulkhadzhieva on the murder trial of Aset Magomadova
# "Hurriyet" reprints RFE/RL reporting on Armenia's labor minister, a proposed Armenian rail link to Iran, and Freedom House's Nations in Transit report on Armenia
The Caucasus
# Thomas de Waal in Foreign Policy on the war between Azerbaijan and Armenia, "the war the world forgot"

# Anne Applebaum on the Russian spy case in "The Washington Post"
# US diplomatic interest in Russian 'reset' unharmed by spy allegations, reports "The New York Times"
# Putin "rips" US over Russian spy allegations, reports "The Wall Street Journal"

# Afghan military officers to begin training in Pakistan, catching US officials unawares, reports "The Washington Post"
# "The New York Times" reports stirrings of a possible change in US civilian leadership in Afghanistan
# New US and Afghan policy to authorize and sponsor armed village forces across Afghanistan, reports "The Wall Street Journal"

# Assassinations plague Iraqi government officials as government struggles to cohere, "The New York Times" reports

# WSJ: "Iran Arms Syria with Radar"