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Radio Mashaal's Award-Winning Documentary "Vanishing History" and Most-Watched "Baba Ghani" Video

Radio Mashaal's award-winning Vanishing History is a documentary film that explores the plight of Pakistan's pre-Islamic riches. It won a Berlin Film Festival Award in 2018. Pakistan's rich cultural heritage is the source of much public pride and myth, but theft and pillage have bitterly damaged the symbols of the region's once-thriving civilization. Vanishing History is an effort by Radio Mashaal to connect this past with the present, highlighting a centuries-old culture of societal and religious tolerance in a region now ripped by Taliban violence and extremism.

Trailer for 'Vanishing History'
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Mashaal's Baba Ghani

In 2016, journalists with Radio Mashaal, RFE/RL's service to Pakistan's Pashto-speaking communities, reported on an elderly man who, to earn money to feed his family, labored every day to carry a 70-kilogram sack of flour on his back across the crowded city of Peshawar. The RFE/RL Central Newsroom converted the original report into a social video that, to date, has become the company's most-watched video ever, attracting over 40 million views. People across the world responded to the report with donations to help Baba Ghani. He initially refused the money, preferring to plod on, but later agreed to accept the support.