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Join Us At Prague Media Point

RFE/RL welcomes the opportunity to talk about high impact journalism this Thursday, December 5, at Prague Media Point. Join us there!

Deutsche Welle and RFE/RL: Getting the Message Across
In cooperation with the Czech-German Future Fund

Diverse audiences have diversified information needs, as well as different sensitivities to particular formats. What are some strategies that news media adopt to reach their target audiences? What are some successful examples of trustworthy formats, and can they be replicated? Can there be a unified approach to news delivery across cultures? Initial presentations will be followed by a moderated discussion open to the audience.

  • Adelheid Feilcke, Head of European Languages Desk, Deutsche Welle, Germany
  • Jeremy Bransten, Regional Director for European Language Services, RFE/RL, USA‚Äč
  • Moderator: Arzu Geybulla, Journalist, Azerbaijan