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RFE/RL Live at the Central Eurasian Studies Society

Join us for live screenings of RFE/RL films at the Central Eurasian Studies Society conference in Washington, D.C.

Friday, October 11, 12-1 PM EST
Screening and Panel Discussion: The Old Man and The Aral Sea
Speakers: Torokul Doorov (RFE/RL) and Dr. Jeanne Feaux of the University of Tubingen
Moderator: Muhammad Tahir (RFE/RL)

Now 90 years old, Omirzak Doszhanov was a fisherman on the Aral Sea before most of it dried into a dust bowl in one of the world's greatest environmental disasters. He remembers the sea's Soviet heyday and prays for it to return to its former glory. Azattyq (Kazakh Service of RFE/RL) presents a documentary of Assylkhan Mamashuly about the story of Aral told by a fisherman.

Sunday, October 13, 10-11 AM EST
Screening and Panel Discussion: The Lethal Soviet Legacy in Kazakhstan
Speakers: Harutyun Mansuryan (RFE/RL) and Dr. Cynthia Werner of the Texas A & M University
Moderator: Muhammad Tahir (RFE/RL)

Forty years of Soviet nuclear bomb tests have left a toxic wasteland in Kazakhstan. The nuclear explosions have stopped, but Russia still rents vast swathes of Kazakh territory for missile tests that critics say are devastating for the environment and its inhabitants. For this documentary, we traveled across Kazakhstan to tell the stories of the people who live amid this lethal legacy.

For more information, visit the CESS program schedule. We look forward to seeing you there.