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RFE/RL Coverage Disrupted By Internet Attacks

File photo by Reuters
File photo by Reuters
RFE/RL has been experiencing Distributed Denial of Service, or DDoS, attacks intermittently since 5 am EST Sunday, December 8.

RFE/RL technical staff is currently working to isolate fake traffic and block further disruption to its operations, and every effort is being made to maintain access to RFE/RL content on all platforms.

"We are reporting this attack in response to the needs of our audiences, who rely on RFE/RL reporting," said RFE/RL President and CEO Kevin Klose. "RFE/RL stands for the essential right to freely impart, receive, and exchange information, and we condemn this interference with our mission and our work, especially as momentous events are taking place around us. We believe the attacks may be targeted and appeal to our audiences to stay with us and not be deterred."

A DDoS attack floods the target with fake requests that come from thousands, or even millions, of computers that have been compromised or infected with viruses or malware.

>RFE/RL experienced a similar DDoS attack on its operations last month. A DDoS attack targeted RFE/RL's Belarus service in 2008.