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A daily blog with news and features as reported by Current Time TV, the 24/7 Russian-language TV and digital network providing an independent and innovative alternative to Kremlin-controlled media.

The Escort And The Oligarch: 'Nastya Rybka' Goes From Accusation To Apology

​A 28-year-old Belarusian escort who said she had evidence of Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election appears to have rowed back from her claims, in her first interview since being released from detention in Moscow. Anastasia Vashukevich, also known as Nastya Rybka, gained global notoriety and spent nearly a year in a Thai prison after saying she had recordings of Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska discussing the election on his yacht in 2016.​

Current Time Commissioned Documentary Wins Three Out Of Four Last Stop Trieste Awards

The Current Time commissioned documentary Heat Singers by Ukrainian director Nadia Parfan has won three out of four awards at the January 20-22 Last Stop Trieste, the largest project forum for documentary films from eastern and western Europe. The documentary won the Film Center Serbia Award (2,500 euros), HBO Europe Award (1,000 euros), and the FLOW Digital Cinema award. One of five documentaries reviewed at the forum, Heat Singers documents the lives of workers at a dysfunctional Ukrainian heating company (TeploKomunEnergo), as they contend with angry customers and infrastructure breakdowns and sing in a union choir.

A Warm Kyrgyz Homecoming For Adoptive U.S. Family

Kara and Wei Hung, a couple living in North Dakota, want their adopted daughter, Audrey Aida, to understand the country where she was born. So the whole family moved to Bishkek to soak up Kyrgyz culture for half a year.

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