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Russian Defense Ministry Bill Would Prohibit Servicemen From Sharing Information

SYRIA – Russian mercenaries in Syria, illustration
SYRIA – Russian mercenaries in Syria, illustration

Russia’s defense ministry has proposed legislation prohibiting military personnel from sharing information about themselves and their military service in the media. Restrictions would apply to photos, videos, geolocation and other online data, and are in response to the “interest of foreign intelligence services and terrorist organizations” in the activities of the Russian military, including in Syria,” the ministry says.

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FIFA Workers In Nizhny Novgorod Still Unpaid

Nearly 1,000 workers who built a metro station in Nizhny Novgorod ahead of the 2018 FIFA World Cup held in Russia this summer are owed more than $1.28 million in unpaid wages. Local prosecutors say the funds were transferred from the federal budget to the construction company, and that they are planning a criminal case.

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Duma Restricts Foreign Aliens To Regions Where Spouse Or Dependents Reside

​​Russia’s State Duma has approved a bill restricting residency options for foreigners with family members in Russia. According to the bill, a foreigner, following marriage, may obtain a temporary residence permit to settle only in the area where his or her spouse, children, or parents are registered.

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Singer's Feminist Video, Purple Bra Have Some Kyrgyz Seeing Red

A 19-year-old singer has set off a debate over freedom and feminism in Kyrgyzstan, with many complaining about the way she is dressed in her music video. She makes no apologies.

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