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A running tally of RFE/RL news exclusives, citations, and expert appearances in leading global media.



From July 26 to August 1, BBC, Euractiv, New Zealand Herald, Yahoo News (via Storyful),,,,, and cited RFE/RL reporting on the Night Wolvesmotorcycle club, whose members were at the vanguard of Russia's occupation of Crimea, taking up residence at a former military base in Slovakia.

On August 1, The Wall Street Journal, Yahoo News (via Storyful), The Diplomat, and The Times of Central Asia, cited RFE/RL Kazakh Service reporting on the trial of an ethnic-Kazakh Chinese citizen who told the court that she could face execution in China because she had testified about her work in one of China's re-education camps where activists and U.S. officials say Beijing has detained hundreds of thousands of Chinese Muslims.

From July 29 to 31, The New York Times, NPR, Fox News, US News and World Report, Euronews, ​The Times (London), Mirror, Daily Mail, The Guardian, Epoch Times, Safe Travels Magazine,, Hilltop Monitor,,,, Akipress,,,,, RT,,,, cited RFE/RL reporting on the murder of four cyclists (including two Americans) biking through Tajikistan.

On May 30, ​NPR, BBC, New York Post, The Week, Washington Post, Inqusitr, Townhall,, Newshub (New Zealand), and other outlets cited RFE/RL reporting on the reappearance of Russian journalist Arkady Babchenko in Ukraine, where he had agreed to play a role in a Ukrainian security service (SBU) sting that involved him faking his murder in order to thwart an assassination attempt.

On April 30, AP, AFP, UPI, Reuters, Anadolu Agency, The Guardian, The Independent, Al Jazeera, BBC, ABC News, NBC News, Deutsche Welle, New York Daily News, ThinkProgress, Townhall, Broadcast & Cable, Committee to Protect Journalists, Reporters Without Borders, Human Rights Watch, and numerous other outlets reported on the suicide bombing in Kabul that killed at least nine journalists, including three associated with RFE/RL.

On April 22-26, numerous outlets including The Hill, The Washington Post, CTV News (Canada), The Daily Telegraph (Australia), Yahoo TV (Taiwan), MSN News, Rumble, NPR, euronews, NRT Kurdistan, Scoopnest, and Euromaidan Press and Charter 97 (Belarus) linked to RFE/RL Armenian Service video and RFE/RL Current Time content on the massive anti-government protests in Armenia that led to the sudden resignation of new Prime Minister (and former President Serzh Sarkisian.

On September 3, World Tribune and American Military News re-posted RFE/RL reporting on the U.S. military’s decision to cancel $300 million in aid to Pakistan that had been suspended due to Islamabad’s perceived lack of action against militants.

Yahoo News (via Storyful) re-posted RFE/RL Russian Service video of a protest by thousands of pensioners in Moscow opposed to proposed changes to the Russian pension system.

On September 2, euronews and Kyiv Post cited RFE/RL Ukrainian Service reporting on the jailing of a Ukrainian businessman sentenced to 4 and a half years in prison for organizing the murder of Russian journalist Arkady Babchenko (who reappeared alive after faking his death as part of a Ukrainian sting).

The Baltic Times cited RFE/RL Current Time reporting in an article on allegations that the Russian Embassy in Argentina was involved in smuggling cocaine into Europe.

World Tribune re-posted an article by RFE/RL’s Mike Eckel on newly declassified documents that illustrate Russian President Boris Yeltsin’s relationship and interaction with U.S. President Bill Clinton.

On September 1, The Washington Post profiled former RFE/RL Azerbaijani Service contributor Khadija Ismayilova on her continuing battle for human rights and against corruption in Azerbaijan.

On August 31, UPI and Gephardt Daily cited RFE/RL reporting on Russian actions at the UN to block publication of a report finding North Korea in violation of UN sanctions.

The Hollywood Reporter cited RFE/RL reporting on the death of Iosif Kobzon, a famed Russian singer turned legislator, at the age of 80.

On August 30, Newsweek cited RFE/RL reporting in an article on the International Atomic Energy Agency’s finding that Iran continues to hold up its side of the controversial nuclear deal.

CPJ, The Iranian, Center for Religious Pluralism in the Middle East, Iran News Update, and Informed Comment reposted an article by RFE/RL’s Golnaz Esfandiari on an intensified campaign by the Iranian government to persecute Sufi mystics.

Payvand reposted an article by RFE/RL’s Radio Farda on Iranian President Rouhani’s speech to the Iranian parliament about Iran’s poor economic performance.

FirstPost cited an article by RFE/RL’s Christopher Miller in a report on changes to the privacy policy of Internet message service Telegram that raised concerns about the safety and security of users’ data.

The Maritime Executive cited RFE/RL reporting in an article on U.S. accusations that Russia is harassing Ukrainian shipping in the Sea of Azov.

On August 29, ​Newsweek, The Express, and American Military News cited RFE/RL reporting on a buildup of Russian naval forces in the Mediterranean Sea as it prepares for large-scale naval maneuvers and Syria plans for an offensive against rebel forces in Idlib province and tensions grow with the West in the region.

Business Insider and cited RFE/RL reporting on the crisis in Russia over the proposed increase in the minimum retirement age, and Vladimir Putin’s 2005 promise never to promise such a change.

Columbia Journalism Review quotes RFE/RL reporter Frud Bezhan on the atmosphere for journalists in Afghanistan in the aftermath of the April 30 suicide bombing that killed 9 journalists, including three who worked for RFE/RL's Afghan Service.

UNIAN cited RFE/RL Ukrainian Service reporting in an article on Ukrainian Ambassador to the U.S. Valery Chaly’s explanations concerning Ukrainian efforts to obtain air defense systems from the U.S.

On August 28, The Diplomat, DefenseOne, bne Intellinews, EurasiaNet, and Asia-Plus cited RFE/RL Tajik Service and Afghan Service reporting on an attack by unknown aircraft on Taliban forces in an Afghan province along the country’s border with Tajikistan.

Balkan Insider and Transitions Online cited reporting by RFE/RL’s Alan Crosby and Iva Martinovic on Serbia’s efforts to maintain its form of Cyrillic script.

ThinkProgress cited RFE/RL reporting on allegations that U.S. political consultant and former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort had extensive dealings in Kyrgyzstan in the early 200’s to promote Russian interests in Central Asia.

American Military News re-posted an RFE/RL article on the Vostok-2018 war games, the biggest Russia has organized since 1981.

The Committee to Protect Journalists cited RFE/RL Balkan Service reporting on the brutal beating of an independent Bosnian Serb journalist in Banja Luka. cited RFE/RL Balkan Service reporting on the arrest by Serbia of a Serbian paramilitary commander for allegedly joining the Russia-backed separatists in their war in eastern Ukraine.

World Tribune re-posted an article by RFE/RL’s Golnaz Esfandiari on a perceived death threat against Iranian President Hassan Rohani within the seminary of the holy Shi’ite city of Qom.

On August 27, The Washington Post, Yahoo News, and bne Intellinews cited RFE/RL Moldovan Service video and reporting on riot police clashes with anti-government protesters in the Moldovan capital, Chisinau, at celebrations marking the country’s Independence Day

Newsweek and Business Insider cited RFE/RL reporting on a military cooperation deal signed by Iran and Syria.

We Are The Mighty cited RFE/RL reporting on the reported death of the so-called Islamic State's leader in Afghanistan.

American Military News cited RFE/RL reporting on Russia’s upcoming Vostok-2018 military games, the largest since 1981.

UNIAN cited RFE/RL reporting in articles on an release of industrial chemicals in Russian-occupied Crimea, as well as U.S. sanctions entering into force against Russia over the chemical poisoning of former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter.

Payvand cited RFE/RL Radio Farda reporting in articles on the ouster of Iran’s Economy Minister by the country’s parliament, an earthquake in western Iran that killed at least two, and the sentencing of a student activist to seven years in prison over a December 2017 protest.

On August 26, The Express posted an article on the 1978 ricin poisoning death of former RFE/RL Romanian Service journalist Georgi Markov.

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