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ADVISORY: Crisis in Kazakhstan

KAZAKHSTAN -- This general view shows a vehicle in front of a burnt-out administrative building in central Almaty on January 7, 2022, after violence that erupted following protests over hikes in fuel prices. -

As the crisis in Kazakhstan continues to unfold, RFE/RL journalists are on the ground with unique access to breaking news. RFE/RL has gathered the best of its company-wide coverage of the crisis in this English-language portal. The portal includes versioned reports from RFE/RL’s Kazakh Service, known locally as Radio Azattyq and reporting in both the Kazakh and Russian languages, and the 24/7 Russian-language digital network Current Time.

RFE/RL experts are available for interview on TV, over the phone, or via email:

  • Torokul Doorov, Director of Kazakh Service (Russian, English) | phone: +420.221.122.406 | mobile: +420.602.353.671 | Twitter: @Torokul

  • Mukhtar Senggirbay, Managing Editor, Kazakh Service (Kazakh, Russian, English) | phone: +420.221.122.381 | mobile: +420.601.212.685

  • Dana Sanseyeva, Multimedia Journalist, Kazakh Service (Russian, English) | mobile: +420.724.760.800

  • Darkhan Umirbekov, Editor, Kazakh Service (in Nur-Sultan) (Kazakh, Russian, English)

    Phone: +7.701.248.8690 | Twitter: @Darhaneo


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To schedule an interview with any of RFE/RL's experts, contact Martins Zvaners in Washington (; +1.202.457.6948) or Karin Maree in Prague (; +420.221.122.074

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