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Ukrainians Turn To RFE/RL For Euromaidan Coverage

Ukrainian Service live stream at Euromaidan (Nov 29)
Unprecedented numbers of Ukrainians are turning to RFE/RL and its Ukrainian Service, known locally as Radio Svoboda, as a vital source of authoritative news about Kyiv's Euromaidan protests.

Since November 25, the Service's live video stream from the protests on Independence Square (Maidan) and elsewhere in the capital city, has been accessed more than 19 million times via RFE/RL's PangeaTV service. Local broadcast media, including the popular site Ukrayinska Pravda, have promoted the live video stream, and organizers have streamed the video to protesters on the streets of Kyiv.
Screengrab of Ukrainian Service video being used by CNN
Screengrab of Ukrainian Service video being used by CNN
CNN aired live video from the Service on December 4 (left), as have numerous RFE/RL Services and VOA's Ukrainian Service, while "The New York Times," Bloomberg, "Financial Times," "The Atlantic," "Jerusalem Post," and CNBC cited RFE/RL's Ukraine coverage in their reporting.

The Service's in-depth analysis of the Ukrainian government's decision to back away from an Association Agreement with the EU, and the unrest resulting from that decision, has also drawn massive numbers of visitors to, which has recorded nearly 3.8 million visits since November 24 (87 percent from Ukraine), including 575,000 on December 2 alone.

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