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RFE/RL Up For Two New York Radio Awards

Kambiz Hosseini, host of RFE/RL’s Iranian Service show Paradox; and Aliya Suranova, host of RFE/RL’s Kyrgyz Service show Sisterhood, are 2018 New York International Radio Program Awards finalists.

He pokes fun at Iranian politicians for a living. She invites prominent Kyrgyz comedians on to her show. Radio Liberty (RFE/RL) radio hosts Kambiz Hosseini and Aliya Suranova have both been selected as finalists for the annual 2018 New York Festivals International Radio Program Awards.

Hosseini is the creator and host of RFE/RL’s Iranian Service’s show Paradox, which uses scathing humor and hysterical satire to explore common-sense issues and news of the week, pinpointing hypocrisy, corruption, injustice, and human rights. Says Hosseini, who won two earlier New York Radio awards in 2012 and 2015, the show “speaks for those living in Iran whose voices are silenced by the Iranian authorities’ fierce crackdown on free expression.” Paradox is one of Radio Farda's most listened-to shows.

Suranova is the host of Sisterhood, or “Eje-signdi” in Kyrgyz, a “women’s hub” recently launched by RFE/RL’s Kyrgyz Service. “The idea is to keep it light-hearted and funny,” she told RFE/RL, to provide a space for Kyrgyz women to discuss taboo subjects about their lives while respecting their cherished national culture. Discussion topics have ranged from weighty themes like domestic abuse, misogyny, and sexual harassment, to practical advice on balancing career and family and the ethics and repercussions of posting photos of your children online. The program first aired on radio in June 2017, before being promptly picked up by Kyrgyz national TV and adapted for television.

The New York Festivals International Radio Program Awards honor radio content in all lengths and formats, and across all platforms, from radio stations, networks, and independent producers around the globe. A total of 353 finalists were selected among entries from 31 countries.

RFE/RL's Iranian Service previously won two Silver awards at the New York Festivals International Radio Program Awards in 2011, a Silver in 2013, and Silver and Gold awards in 2015.

Winners will be announced on June 18 at the 2018 annual awards ceremony in New York.