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The Rundown - October 19

A first look at the news on RFE/RL's broadcast region

RFE/RL in the Media
FP Passport on Hillary Clinton in Tatarstan
# Helle Dale blogs about increased funding for Radio Farda
# Hurriyet reports on Azerbaijani oppositionists

On the RFE/RL Website
A video of election fraud in Russia
# Vaclav Havel discusses the transition to democracy

Int'l Press Review

The Sunday Talk Shows
Face the Nation has John Kerry from Afghanistan
# Fareed Zakaria's panel discusses Pakistan
# FOXNews Sunday's panel discusses Afghanistan

Jackson Diehl on Europe's Afghan angst
# Wazhma Frogh on women's rights in Afghanistan
# Steve Coll on humility in Afghanistan
# Gerald Posner on Taliban attempts to sell heroin to US troops
# Peter Bergen on the meshing of Al-Qaeda and the Taliban
# David Rhode on being abducted by the Taliban (part 2 here)

An interview with Haleh Esfandiari
# Emmanuel Ottolenghi on Europe's actions towards Iran

Nouriel Roubini on the weakness of the Russian economy
# Garry Kasparov on the Kremlin's desires for oil money
# Andrei Tsygankov on Russia-China relations
# Richard Lourie on Soviet resurgences in Russia

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
Al Kamen's "In the Loop"
# "Embassy Row" - the Washington Times