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The Rundown - November 2

A first look at the news on RFE/RL's broadcast region

RFE/RL in the Media
THE WSJ cites RFE/RL's Hamid Karzai interview
# Spencer Ackerman cites the Karzai interview as well
# Eurasianet on international broadcasting in Azerbaijan
# Press TV on US broadcasting to Iran

On the RFE/RL Website
An interview with Hamid Karzai
# A report on the OSCE's press freedom ombudsman

Int'l Press Review

Sunday Morning Talk Shows
The analysis of Shields & Brooks
# Meet the Press discusses Afghanistan
# Valerie Jarrett on This Week

Abdullah Abdullah pulls out of the Afghan election
# Hillary Clinton discusses Pakistan on the Newshour

Richard Lourie on press freedom in Russia
# The Times (UK) doesn't see Russia as a partner
# Anna Nemtsova thinks there is still a war in the Caucasus
# Yuri Fedotov thinks the U.K & Russia can get along
# Russia will put 4000 more troops in the N. Caucasus

Jackson Diehl on Iran's opposition

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
Les Gelb on Obama's foreign policy
# Al Kamen's "In the Loop"

The Fall of the Wall
Josef Joffe was there at the rise and at the fall
# Gerard DeGroot on the culture of Eastern Europe
# Mary Sarotte on why the Wall fell
# Janet Daley says we haven't learned from the end of communism