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The Rundown - September 4

A first look at the news on RFE/RL's broadcast region

RFE/RL in the Media
UNHCR reprints Golnaz Esfandiari's analysis of Iranian politics

On the RFE/RL Website
"The Migrant Express" - from Tajikistan to Russia for work
# School is starting in Iran, amid tension
# The Hague has destroyed evidence of the Srebrenica massacre

Int'l Press Review

Yesterday's presser with Adm. Mullen and SecDef Gates (w/video)
# The Economist on NATO's waning time frame for success
# David Frum says Afghanistan is worth fighting for
# Dan Senor and Peter Wehner don't think Afghanistan is 'Obama's war'
# Michael Gerson on the importance of Afghanistan
# TNR interviews Peter Bergen
# Paying Afghan Taliban just won't work
# Obama needs to rally public support for the war effort
# Training Afghan security forces is no small task

The Economist on Iranians going back to school
# The FT editorializes on Iran's nuclear program
# Obama's Iran dilemma
# An ex vice president blogs from Evin prison

The Economist on Russia's treatment of Stalin
# Evgeny Morozov on bloggers and the dam accident in Russia
# Vladimir Ryzhkov weighs in on Russia's media

Of Interest
George Will says it's time to get out of Iraq
# Charles Krauthammer calls Obama an ordinary politician
# Robert Kagan disagrees with George Will's last 2 op-eds
# Tim Geithner says capital is the answer
# A slideshow of ballot-stuffing incidents
# "Embassy Row" - the Washington Times

From the Blogs
The Afghan elections were meaningless
# Spencer Ackerman cries foul on the WaPost Afghan editorial
# The U.S. domestic politics of the Afghan war
# Mona Sarika on the struggles for women voters in Afghanistan