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The Rundown - October 24

RFE/RL In The Media
# Read RFE/RL in "The Atlantic" on 10 years since the Dubrovka siege and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's inability to get to Evin Prison
# CNET likens iPad mini-watching Apple enthusiasts to RFE/RL listeners in Belarus

International Press Review

# The Duma has expanded the legal definition of "treason"
# "Russia in Grip of Clean-Living Orthodoxy" - Charles Clover, "Financial Times"
# "Why the Kremlin Needs BP" - Chris Weafer, "Moscow Times"

# "Ukraine’s Chance to Return to Europe" - Vitali Klitschko, "Financial Times"
# RFE/RL joins Klitschko on the campaign trail
# "Ukraine's Revolt of the Oligarchs" - Anders Aslund, "Project Syndicate"

# Iran threatened to cut off oil exports (...crickets...)
# Is Iran "fighting back" with cyber attacks on Saudi Arabia?

# "The Washington Post" on treating mental illness in Afghanistan
# "The Girl Who Changed Pakistan" - Shehrbano Taseer, "The Daily Beast"

Of Interest
# "A Kurdish Wedge Between Iraq, Turkey" - Joost Hiltermann, "Real Clear World"
# A look into the lives of high-IQ people

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
# New emails have surfaced on the Benghazi attack (guards recount their experiences)
# The terrorism-fighting apparatus is taking shape
# The biggest things not discussed at the last presidential debate