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The Rundown - December 11

RFE/RL In The Media
# Read RFE/RL in "The Atlantic" on a new tool for landmines in Afghanistan

International Press Review

# Trita Parsi on nuclear talks with Iran
# "The Iranian Unconscious" - Christopher de Bellaigue, "TLS"

# The U.S. has "warned" Russia on operations of the Iranian bank Mir Business Bank CJSC
# "Putin's Paradox of Power and Weakness" - John Lloyd, "Financial Times"
# A hacker has been arrested and charged for taking down banking sites (for a $100 fee)
# Do you have what it takes to be a Hero of Labor?

# A new report says Pakistan's continues to undermine security in Afghanistan, and Afghan security forces need help
# Facebook shut down the Taliban's Facebook page

RFE/RL Broadcast Region
# REVIEW: "A Poet and bin Laden" by Hamid Ismailov
# The "AP" on the black market for nuclear material
# Santa can't catch a break in Central Asia

Of Interest
# "Decline is a Choice" - Hubert Vedrine, "Foreign Policy"
# The Cold War was nuts

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
# "America's Drone War is out of Control" - Gideon Rachman, "Financial Times"
# The State Department is getting new Twitter rules