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The Rundown - February 25

RFE/RL In The Media
# Read RFE/RL in "The Atlantic" on the perils of invading Afghanistan

International Press Review

# "12 Months Left to Cement Olympic Reputation" - Dan Timms, "Moscow Times"
# Russian money figures prominently in bailout talks over Cyprus
# "The KGB Oscars" - Simon Shuster, "Foreign Policy"
# Gerard Depardieu's new address in Russia is 1 Democracy St., and he his hanging out with Ramzan Kadyrov

# Iran was just doing tests on how to capture a "hypothetical" foreign drone
# Iran has selected new nuclear sites and discovered uranium deposits

# "Two Pakistans Coexist Side by Side" - Hassan Siddiq, "The Daily Star"
# "Reuters" on the widening sectarian divide in Pakistan
# About of PIA's plane fleet has been grounded

# U.S. special forces are being kicked out of Maidan Wardak province
# The Afghan Analysts Network on the arrest of Faqir Muhammad
# Afghanistan's first female mayor is now called "Mr. Mayor"

RFE/RL Target Region
# "How Ukraine Might Blow Its Historic Opportunity" - Andreas Umland, "National Interest"
# Jalal Talabani is reportedly communicating after suffering a stroke
# Viktor Yanukovych's son is doing quite well for himself

Of Interest
# Inside a Syrian government prison
# A 101-year-old marathoner will run his last race
# Wikipedia may start sending SMS versions of its articles

Science & Technology
# How Google's algorithm ranks news
# Nuclear weapons' output should not be used as a comparative unit of measure
# Why junk food is so awesomely addicting

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
# Senator John McCain may hold up John Brennan's nomination
# A short history of presidential nomination battles
# Gulf States are considering a plea deal from BP over the Deepwater Horizon spill