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The Rundown - March 19

RFE/RL in the Media
# "Radio World" on the launch of the global news dashboard

International Press Review

# Useful infographic on Iran's national intranet

# "Why Putin Should Dissolve the Duma" - Nikolai Petrov, "Moscow Times"
# "After the Acid Attack, Is the Bolshoi Doomed?" - Boer Deng, "The Atlantic"

# "Two Cheers for Pakistani Democracy: A Sobering Milestone" - Omar Waraich, "Time"
# "Pakistan’s Extremist Democracy" - Ahmed Rashid, "NY Review of Books"
# Four people were killed when militants stormed a Peshawar court complex
# A dispatch from Afghanistan's only permanent church

# The disupted lands of Kirkuk
# Photos of Baghdad in 1932
# "Saddam Would Have Survived the Arab Spring" - Bobby Ghosh, "Time"

# Gazprom made its own bailout offer
# The super-rich who call Cyprus home
# "The Cyprus Precedent" - Felix Salmon, "Reuters"

Of Interest
# "The Case for Obnoxious Dissidents" - Joshua Keating, "Foreign Policy"
# Yerevan gets an online complaints system
# "Biography of a [16th/17th century] Torturer" - Jacob Soll, "The New Republic"
# How the northern lights almost started WWIII
# "The Washington Post" is getting a paywall

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
# U.S. authorities will not file charges ion the Max Shatto case
# "How Washington Encourages Nuclear Proliferation" - Ted Galen Carpenter, "National Interest"