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The Rundown - March 27

An Afghan reader in Kabul
An Afghan reader in Kabul
Afternoon Update


# Tehran is not thrilled with the Arab League
# It may be a great time to head to Iran for a little trip

# "The Real Reason Putin Supports Assad" -- Fiona Hill, "Foreign Affairs"
# The basics of the BRIC bank

Of Interest
# Georgia: The rise and fall of Lazika
# Cyprus: The Mouse That Roared
# Remembering Rabbi Herschel Schacter
# Some old ads with a bit of Russian flavor

Science & Technology
# Yuri Milner is investing in Russia
# Brain size may not have had much effect on evolution

U.S. Politics
# Full audio of the oral arguments in the gay marriage case before the Supreme Court (a discussion of the case on "Charlie Rose")

Morning Edition

# Why Russia is inspecting NGOs
# Russia's NGO raids targeted some German organizations too
# "Beijing and Moscow, Friends Again" -- Dimitri Simes, "National Interest"
# Russia is for sale on eBay
# "Gay in the USSR" -- Nora Fitzgerald, "Foreign Policy"

# Sanctions may be speeding up Iran's nuclear program
# What will Mahmoud Ahmadinejad do after he leaves office?

# Omar Waraich on the beginning of election season in Pakistan
# "Newsline" on NGOs in Pakistan
# "Kandahar and Hope" -- O'Hanlon & Flournoy, "Real Clear Politics"
# "Newsweek" profiles Sherry Rehman
# "How to do Empire Right?" -- Manan Ahmed Asif, "The Caravan"

RFE/RL Target Region
# The BRICs will set up a new development bank
# Moldova is backing away from probing Russian money-laundering
# Where is Islam Karimov?
# "Iraq's Great Divider" -- Henri Barkey, "LA Times"
# Solving Tajikistan's energy crisis

# The "AP" reports that the U.S. is training Syrian rebels in Jordan
# "Time" on in-fighting in the rebel ranks

# "Why Russia Refused to Bail Out Cyprus" -- Ian Bremmer, "Financial Times"
# Cyprus may be a model or not

Of Interest
# An interactive on drone strikes (and the problems with the data presentation)
# Clive Schofield on Arctic exploration
# Notes from the brainstorming session that produced "Indiana Jones"

Science & Technology
# Stop with the #hashtags already
# The debate over genetic patents
# Living alone: the silent killer

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
# Meet the two lawyers arguing the same-sex marriage case before the Supreme Court
# Julia Pierson will be the new head of the Secret Service