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The Rundown - April 12

Afternoon Update


# The statement on new sanctions on businesses working with Iran (more background)
# Barbara Slavin on Hassan Rowhani's candidacy for president

# Russia plans to spend $50 billion on its space program

# SIGAR warns of militants acquiring aid and contract money in Afghanistan
# Pervez Musharraf on the no-longer-secret deal between the U.S. and Pakistan on drones
# Afghanistan: The Eyes of a People

Of Interest
# "The Waiting" -- a new film on the plight of IDPs
# What the whereabouts of the Samsung chairman say about tensions on the Korean Peninsula

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
# Families of the Newtown victims have become savvy campaigners in D.C.

Morning Edition


# The Iranian nuclear standoff won't end any time soon
# The U.S. has blacklisted business man Babak Morteza Zanjani

# Alexei Navalny on the possibility he ends up in jail
# "Russia's Unpopular Intelligentsia" - James Carden, "National Interest"
# More than half of Russians want Vladimir Putin to step down in 2018
# "A Russia-China Alliance Brewing?" - Harold & Schwartz, "The Diplomat"
# "How Vladimir Putin Beat Femen" - Matt Gurney, "National Post"

# The Taliban killed a candidate for political office in Pakistan
# The fighting continues in the Tirah Valley
# IDPs in Pakistan will be able to vote at food distribution centers
# The Karachi Stock Exchange is pretty lucrative
# Uzbek fighters are gaining support in northern Afghanistan

RFE/RL Target Region
# The shooter in the Serbian rampage has died
# "The Gilded Cage of Asia" - Joshua Foust, "Foreign Policy"
# "Launching a Startup in Iraq" - Jackie Spinner, "AJR"

Of Interest
# Tension in Korea is making it a tourist magnet
# The Pentagon says North Korea may have a miniaturized nuclear weapon

Science & Technology
# "Cybersecurity: A View From the Front" - Toomas Hendrik Ilves, "The New York Times"
# Why are tall people so smart?
# The physics of whispering

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
# "Radio World" on the U.S. international broadcasting budget
# The State Department is denying a cover-up in the death of a diplomat in Afghanistan
# "10 Ways to Fix the Drone War" - Rosa Brooks, "Foreign Policy"
# "Immigration and the Knowledge Economy" - Mark Zuckerberg, "The Washington Post"