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The Rundown -- April 24

RFE/RL In The Media
# "Foreign Policy" on RFE/RL's Reddit AMA with Aslan Doukaev (full discussion)
# "The Washington Post" embeds RFE/RL's video report from Tokmok, Kyrgyzstan
# "The Takeway" and "Slate" cite RFE/RL reporting on the Boston bombings
# "Going Through the Motions"- Masha Gessen, "The New York Times"

International Press Review


# Russia announces plans for its base in Belarus
# The American who tells Russians how bad America is
# Reviewing "The Last Man in Russia"

# Food prices are escalating in Iran (cue the hoarding)
# Iran has denied that it has ties to the terror suspects arrested in Canada
# RAND on the labor movement in Iran

# "A Chinese Threat to Afghan Buddhas" - Brent Huffman, "The New York Times"
# Some Pakistani were paid from a secret government fund
# "At Home With Pervez Musharraf" - Sadanand Dhume, "The Wall St. Journal"
# A bomb was discovered near Musharraf's house
# Security is still lacking in Helmand Province

Boston Bombing
# "The Wrong Kind of Caucasian" - Sarah Kendzior, "Al Jazeera"
# The attackers seem to not have ties to international jihadi groups
# Why the charges include "wepaon of mass destruction"
# "The Truth About the Chechen Threat" - Robert Schaefer, "CNN"
# "Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Has Rights" - Erwin Chemerinsky, "LA Times"
# "Not Your Average Chechen Jihadis" - Charles King, "Foreign Affairs"

Of Interest
# Debate: Is NATO still useful?
# Tim Judah says the Serbia-Kosovo deal shows the EU deserved the Nobel Prize
# Dozens were killed in attacks and clashes across Iraq
# Capitalism is not good for democracy online
# How the AP got hacked