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The Rundown - April 26

Afternoon Update


# An Iranian scientist was released from U.S. custody
# Samsung will block its app store in Iran

# Oliver Carroll on idealism and cynicism in Russia

# A film on drug addicts in Afghanistan

RFE/RL Target Region
# "A Different Balkan Story" - Catherine Ashton, "The New York Times
# Dave Trilling on the Centerra mine in Kyrgyzstan
# It's all eggs for Kazahstan's social affairs minister

Of Interest
# Peru has a huge drug industry but almost no crime
# The economics of suicide
# Bitcoin is closer to becoming a real thing

Morning Edition

RFE/RL In The Media

# The AIB links to the Reddit AMA with RFE/RL's Aslan Doukaev
# "Al Monitor" cites RFE/RL reporting on new electoral laws in Iraq

International Press Review


# "Bloomberg" interviews Iran’s minister of economic affairs and finance
# "Why Iran Is Trying to Save the Syrian Regime" - Alireza Nader, "US News & World Report"
# A lot of people are claiming to be the Mahdi
# The Iranian wrestling team will head to Los Angeles next month

# "Putin’s Medieval Peace Pact in Chechnya" - Ben Judah, "Bloomberg"
# "Russia and Counterterror Cooperation" - Sergey Markedonov, "National Interest"
# The debate over what Russia's history books look like continues
# Sochi in snow

# Pakistan and Russia have agreed on a new "comprehensive partnership"
# "Why We Should be Optimistic About Afghanistan" - Erlan Idrissov, "CNN"
# "The Militant Groups Next Door" - Stephen Tankel, "Foreign Policy"
# The UK is controlling its drones in Afghanistan from...the UK

Boston Bombing
# An interview with the carjacking victim
# One U.S. House member says Russia is not being 100% cooperative in the investigation
# The Tsarnaev family maintains that the brothers are innocent

Of Interest
# On misinformation and Twitter
# Iraq has seen a lot of violence lately
# Poor, poor western democracy

Science & Technology
# What if we never run out of oil?
# Consciousness after death and other tales from resuscitation medicine

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
# Chemical weapons appear to have been used in Syria
# "No Time for White House to Ignore Russia’s Growing Human Rights Abuses" - David J. Kramer, "The Washington Post"