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The Rundown -- April 29

Ukrainian politicians in Kyiv reading the papers.
Ukrainian politicians in Kyiv reading the papers.
Afternoon Update


# "Iran Threatens Azerbaijan" - Alexandros Petersen, "National Journal"
# An Iranian scientist says he was jailed for refusing to do military research

# TONIGHT: "BBC Panorama" looks at Russian organized crime in London
# Scoffing at the Magnitsky list

# HRW calls on autorities in Pakistan to protect political candidates

Of Interest
# ENRC is being investigated in Kazakhstan
# A new strain of malaria is resistant to the most common drug used to fight the disease
# A look at the Guantanamo Bay library

Science & Technology
# On the right to be forgotten online
# The Facebook exodus continues apace

U.S. Politics
The U.S. may increase security cooperation with former Soviet republics

Morning Edition

RFE/RL In The Media

# "Russia’s North Caucasus Militants: a Primer" -- Liz Fuller, "Global Post"

International Press Review


# It's conservative vs. conservative in Iran's upcoming elections
# Debating responses to suspected Iranian cyberattacks on the U.S.
# Iran's national intranet is starting to take shape
# It's tough being a political cartoonist in Iran

# The CIA has delivered millions of dollars in cash to the Afghan president
# Attacks killed at least eight in Pakistan
# The head of France's foreign intelligence service has some stark words on Afghanistan
# Is Pakistan a failing state?
# Inside Pakistan's dotcom industry

# "Foreign Policy" interviews Sergei Lavrov
# "The Myth of Dirty Russian Money" -- Cameron & Ordzhonikidze, "Moscow Times"
# A fired Olympic official says he has been poisoned

Boston Bombing
# Christian Caryl talks to "Misha"
# The full story of how the bombings happened
# "Integration a Hard Road for Young Chechen Men" -- Almut Rochowanski, "IWPR"
# Russia had the bombing suspect on wiretap
# The Tsarnaevs will not come to the U.S.

RFE/RL Target Region
# Iraq has suspended the licenses of nine satellite TV stations
# "Georgia's Dangerous Slide Toward NATO" -- Doug Bandow, "National Interest"
# "The Iraq Sanctions Myth" -- Michael Spagat, "Pacific Standard"
# The IT sector is booming in the Balkans
# Pictures from a gay wedding in Kazakhstan

Of Interest
# Photos of some survivors of the Norway massacre
# "Whither Moral Courage?" -- Salman Rushdie, "The New York Times"
# The Iditarod: an epic race
# "Should Germany Exit the Euro?" -- Hans-Werner Sinn, "Project Syndicate"

Science & Technology
# A Soviet scientist wanted to melt the Arctic
# The future (and present) of bio-engineered crops
# "The Twidiocracy" -- Matt Labash, "The Weekly Standard"

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
# The CIA is (re)investigating the death of an agent in Georgia at the collapse of the U.S.S.R.