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The Rundown -- May 28

Reading the paper in Kabul.
Afternoon Update


# In pictures: being a woman in Iran

RFE/RL Target Region
# Homophobic rants filled Kazakhstan's parliament
# The letters of Ales Bialiatski

# A look at the modern surveillance state
# Bruce Schneier on the politics of security

Of Interest
# Interactive: the bike share derby

U.S. Politics/Foreign
# The evolution of the war on terror

Morning Edition


# "Can the Gas Empire Strike Back?" -- Gabe Collins, "The Diplomat"
# Russia tries to fight back against heroin from Afghanistan
# The Russian military gets some guarantees
# "Moscow's Gay-Bashing Ritual" -- Masha Gessen, "The New York Times"

# "Ruthless Iran: Can a Deal Be Made?" -- Roger Cohen, "NY Review of Books"
# "Iran’s Nuclear Games Demand a Tougher U.S. Approach" -- Ross & Makovsky, "The Washington Post"
# Shipping companies are avoiding Iranian shipping lanes
# "Iran's Nuclear Advance" -- Mark Hibbs, Carnegie Endowment

# CPJ on impunity in Pakistan
# Hamid Karzai wants Afghans detained at Guantanamo Bay
# An Afghan policeman took to the airwaves after getting a beating
# "Thawra’s Loom" -- Anna Badkhen, "Guernica"
# Declan Walsh on Pakistan's power woes

RFE/RL Target Region
# "Georgia Looking Better for NATO" -- Michael Cecire, "National Interest"
# More than 70 were killed in bombings across Iraq
# Three astronauts are heading to the ISS

Of Interest
# Mount Everest may get a ladder to ease congestion
# Why we don't remember anything from before the age of three
# How hackers crack passwords

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
# Senator John McCain slipped into Syria for a meeting with the opposition
# Chinese hackers stole plans for U.S. weapons
# The White House says cyberattacks on critical infrastructure are up
# "Circling the Media Wagons" -- Walter Pincus, "The Washignton Post"